Laser Tattoo Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just lighten up my tattoo to get a cover-up over it?

Absolutely. Usually, one to three treatments will lighten the tattoo enough to get it ready for a cover up.

How many treatments will it take to remove my tattoo?

Each person is as unique as their tattoo, but most professional tattoos take between 5-10 treatments.
Homemade tattoos usually take far less number of treatments with some coming off immediately as
fast as just one treatment. Laser tattoo removal treatments are spaced out 4-8 weeks apart. The number of treatments can depend on a number of factors, such as:

1-amount of ink used
2-depth of the ink placed in the skin
3-type of ink used
4-location of the tattoo on the body
5-age of the tattoo
6-colors used
7-how strong your immune system is

Will I have a scar?

No. When using the q-switched Nd:Yag laser and following the “aftercare instructions” provided, there is minimal to no scarring, from this procedure. The laser manufacturer claims a less than 5% chance of light scarring, which is very low, but we have found an even better level of success at our clinics.

Do all the colors of ink respond the same?

No. Black and red inks are the easiest to remove, while light greens and light blues are the hardest.
These blues and greens can sometimes take more treatments than other colors. In some cases, these
colors cannot be removed completely.

What are the common side effects of laser tattoo removal?

Side effects that most will likely experience, are short-term but worth mentioning. The skin may be red
swollen and may blister. Blisters can get quite large and at times, cover the entire tattoo. These blisters are superficial and will heal well with a little chance of scarring, but may be uncomfortable for a couple of days. We provide very clear and easy aftercare instructions, for post-treatment care.

How is the pricing determined?

At your initial consult, we measure the tattoo and determine the cost based on the size. We will discuss payment plans and payment methods at that time.

What if I am in a hurry, Can I come back earlier than scheduled for the treatments?

Yes. Some of our clients are in a hurry to have the tattoo removed so they can join the armed forces, to get a job, or a promotion. The time between treatments is set up so your tattoo can heal properly,
and your body has enough time to flush the tattoo ink out, naturally. The results, after a treatment, are not always immediate. The body breaks down the ink slowly, usually taking weeks to see the full results from a treatment. ExcelLase will discuss methods of speeding the process for those that are in a hurry.

Is the process painful?

Most clients compare the pain to that of getting a tattoo, except tattoo removal takes far less time.
Depending on the size of the tattoo, most laser treatments usually take only a matter of seconds to minutes. All laser treatments are accompanied by a cold air chiller that numbs the skin very quickly before the treatment.

Will the tattoo remove completely?

In most cases, yes. However, complete removal is sometimes a hard thing to predict, due to all the unregulated tattoo inks on the market. The F.D.A. does not regulate tattoo inks and a lot a lot of tattoo ink manufacturers and artists make and mix their own inks. Sometimes these mixes have metals and other foreign additives, for effect. These unknowns are why 100% removal is hard to predict or promise.

*A lot of permanent make-up inks have foreign additives, that’s why we always do a patch test first
before procedding to remove a permanent make-up at ExcelLase.

How are your lasers different from others for tattoo removal?

At ExcelLase we use the gold standard in laser tattoo removal, a q-switched Nd:Yag laser the Medlite
C6. Also, the experience and understanding of the technology allow us to remove the ink fast and effectively with almost a non-existent chance of scarring.